Windshield Wiper Safety: The Ins & Outs of What to Look For In New Windshield Wiper Assemblies

Windshield Wiper Installation
Windsield Wiper Replacement

This is a great article from on what to look for when replacing your windshield wiper blades. Did you know the wiper arm tension is the most important feature when evaluating new blades? This is what actually provides the spring tension that forces the wiper blade against the windshield. Without this tension the blade will not be effective in removing moisture from the windshield.

Frank's Glass carries a high end flexible wiper arm/blade combination that will provide you with a clear driving experience. Give us a call at 513.829.8284 to schedule an appointment to have your wiper blades replaced so next time you are stuck in a rainstorm you will not have to worry about your wiper performance. Our Aquapel windshield treatment also offers an additional layer of protection by wicking the water away from the windshield, allowing for better visibility. The Aquapel treatment can be applied at our shop for just $10!