Blog Entries - Apr. 2013

kitchen cabinet glass,frosted glass,fluted glass,patterned glass,textured glass

Cabinet Glass Provides Great Design Element in Kitchens

Click here to see how cabinet glass can add a creative design element to your kitchen.  Patterned and textured glass can add dimension.  Special lighting or background painting can

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Mirror,glass,countertops,glass countertops,technology,magic mirrors,dressing room mirrors,glass

"Magic Mirrors" Are No Longer Just For Fairy Tales

Amazing advancements in computer interfaces and glass point to a future in which smart surfaces are commonplace in the home.  This article shows how far technology has come, from schedules displaying on

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Framed Mirror Installed Over Fireplace

Reflections... Vampires Beware!

Click here for a great article on how to incorporate mirrors as a design element in your home.  Not only are they functional, but they can be beautiful and really impact the perception of the size of a

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Dining Room Table Glass

Glass Can Add a Whole New Dimension to a Room

Glass can create a unique design and add some sparkle to any dining room.  Click here to see how it has transformed these dining rooms!

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Bathroom Mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Mirrors can be a great addition to any make a room feel more open and spacious, to create a focal point or for utilitarian pruposes.  Houzz's Magic of the Mirror provides a history of mirrors

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