Which Bathroom Vanity Design Works Best For You?

Bathroom Vanity

In today's design world, there are a myriad of bathroom vanity options available. From the traditional, to free standing to the sleek new "floating" designs, there is a design to fit your lifestyle. This article has some great styles to pique your fancy!

Washstand.  A traditional-style washstand offers timeless, elegant ambiance in a bathroom.  The downside of this option is no storage.

Single sink.  For a modest sized bathroom a single sink with a built in cabinet is a good option.  Wall mounted faucets work well with this design.

Freestanding.  From vintage to sleek modern, there are a myriad of freestanding vanity options available in today's design world.

Perch on a plinth.  Provides a dramatic contemporary design to a bathroom.  Vessel sinks add to the appeal.

For kids.  Bright colors and lots of storage works best in a kids bathroom.

Big storage.  A large vanity with lots of storage drawers beneath helps hide bathroom clutter.  Using monochromatic colors helps de-emphasize the large doors/drawers.

Petite.  Make sure the size of the vanity is in direct correlation to the size of the room.  A vanity can make a huge impact in a small bathroom.

Custom.   You can’t beat a vanity that’s tailor made to fit your space and style.  

Wall mounted.  A “floating,” or wall-mounted, vanity is perfect for compact bathrooms, as the clear space underneath promotes a light and airy look and is easy to keep clean. Choose flush door fronts with a neat, recessed grip to enhance the streamlined silhouette.

Colorful.  Vanities aren’t just about great storage and fuss-free functionality, they can also create a much-needed design boost in the bathroom. And for color maximalists, that doesn’t have to mean compromising with wood and natural stone. If you prefer a bold hue, accent a neutral bathroom with a zingy primary-colored, lacquered unit and let the sunshine flood into your life.

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