Sunrooms Shine in Different Ways

Beautiful Sunroom with Glass Ceiling

Does the thought of another cold, snowy winter have you dreaming about sunrooms?  The sunroom (sunporch, solarium, conservatory) has as many functional purposes as it does styles.  Many sunrooms can be used year round, provided the climate in your area is mild or your sunroom is equipped with insulated windows and heat.  What a great way to enjoy the beauty of a cold, snowy afternoon! 

When designing a sunroom it is important to determine how you plan to use the room.  Would you like to use it year round or is it just a summer retreat?  This will determine whether you need to install insulated windows or maybe just screens.  With many of the new ventless fireplaces it has become commonplace to install one in a sunroom to provide warmth and ambiance. 

Whether you are using the sunroom as a reading nook, gathering space or just a place for daydreaming, a sunroom can gleam with light and functionality.  This article has some great photos of sunrooms showing the large variance in design, from colonial to contemporary. 

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