Spring Cleaning

Replacement Window Installation / New & Replacement Screens

Spring is just around the corner (or is that just wishful thinking!) so it’s time to start inspecting your windows and screens to see if they need replaced. Are your windows foggy or do they have moisture between them? Frank’s Glass can replace the insulated unit for a lot less than it would cost to replace the entire window. Give us a call and we will come out and provide you with a free estimate to replace the insulated glass unit. Or if you want to save a little money, remove your frame and bring it into our shop and we can provide you with a quote to order the glass and have it installed in the frame. The lead time on insulated window units is generally about 3-5 days.

Are your screens torn, providing the entire insect population with free room and board? Frank’s Glass can repair the screens or assemble new ones for you, including frames in the event they are damaged beyond repair. Stay ahead of the game and you will be able to enjoy the sun and warm weather when it finally arrives…and with a bug free home environment to boot!

Just remember, Frank’s Glass is here for all your glass needs. Call us today at 513.829.8284 to schedule a free estimate.