Sneeze Guards Can Help Protect Your Employees and Customers

Sneeze Guards
Acrylic Dividers Provide Protection

In today's changing world most of the local retail stores are installing sneeze guards (plastic/glass dividers) to help protect both their customers and their employees from the coronavirus. Whether you are a medical provider, dentist, veterinarian, jeweler, salon, gym or retail business sneeze guards can provide one additional separation between your employee and your customer.


But what exactly is a sneeze guard and can it really help prevent the spread of COVID-19?  Sneeze guards are large shields made of plexiglas that create a physical barrier between people.  Social distancing mandates that people stand at least 6 feet away, but completing a financial transaction from a distance makes this nearly impossible.  The sneeze guards help protect both cashiers and customers in the event that someone sneezes, coughs or even spits a little while speaking.


Frank's Glass can custom cut acrylic or glass to meet your companies unique application. We can also help in determining the best method of installation. Give us a call today at 513.829.8284.  Be prepared to help protect your customers and employees once the quarantine is lifted.