Screen Doors Bring a Breathe of Fresh Air

front door

February 27, 2017

When I was young you knew spring was approaching by the sound of the front door screen banging shut and the kids laughing and running outside.  There is no better feeling than having the front door open and the warm breezes blowing in through the screen door.  This article from Houzz provides some great ideas on how to incorporate screen doors into your home design so you can enjoy the breezes while keeping those pesky insects out. 

Below are some great ideas on how to incorporate screens into your home design:

Front Door - Allows breezes to flow through the house while providing a welcoming entrance to your home.Interior Doors - Screens are not only for exterior doors.  Use them indoors to generate air circulation.

Fits All Décor - Screen doors can complement any décor.  Looking for a more contemporary look?  Select a frame with graphic lines or commercial overtones.  If floor space is limited consider installing frames in a sliding barn door frame.

Create Unique Look - Use a screen door to provide a little "whimsy" or paint it a bright color to contrast with the door behind it.

Frank's Glass can help you design the perfect screen door for your home.  We also can repair your existing screens if they are torn or the screen is falling out of the frame.  We carry screen frames and screening material in several different colors and mesh options.  Call us today at 513.829.8284!