Patio Table Top Replacement

Patio Tabletop Glass

With all the summer storms coming through with high winds, glass shops receive a lot of calls from consumers whose patio table tops have broken (either from the wind knocking over the table or flying debris hitting the table).  There are a couple of different options for replacing this glass. Keep in mind that it is required by law that all outdoor patio furniture table tops be constructed from safety materials.  When researching your options, there are 3 materials that a glass shop will offer – tempered glass, laminated glass or acrylic.  Below is a summary of these options and the benefits and drawbacks of each material.

1) Tempered glass.  ­Tempered safety glass is a single piece of glass that gets tempered using a process that heats, then quickly cools, the glass to harden it. The tempering process increases the strength of the glass to five to 10 times that of untempered glass. Tempered safety glass breaks differently than regular clear glass. When tempered safety glass is struck it does not break into sharp jagged pieces of shrapnel-like glass as normal window panes or mirrors do. Instead, it breaks into little pebble-like pieces, without sharp edges.  Tempered glass is available in clear or patterned options.  With significant impact, tempered glass will break.

2) Laminated Glass.  Laminated safety glass is manufactured by sandwiching a thin layer of flexible clear plastic film called polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two or more pieces of glass. The plastic film holds the glass in place when the glass breaks, helping to lessen injuries from flying glass. The film also can stretch, yet the glass still sticks to it.   The primary drawback with laminated glass is cost.

3) Acrylic.  Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic,  often used as a lightweight or shatter-resistant alternative to glass.  The drawbacks to acrylic are it’s tendency to yellow with prolonged exposure to sunlight and it is easily scratched.

When replacing patio table glass that fits within a frame it is imperative that the frame be measured by a trained glass professional and the frame be available during the glazing process to ensure proper fit. 

Frank’s Glass can help guide you through the selection process to determine what the best option is for you!