Overwhelmed with Spring Cleaning?

Beautiful Dining Room/Kitchen Design

This article from provides 15 tips on how to de-clutter your home without a huge time commitment. Pick one a day and your home will look beautiful in no time at all!

As you tidy your home, I found multiple ways Frank's Glass can help. Stop by and pick up a couple cans of Frank's Glass cleaner for streak free cleaning of glass tabletops, windows and mirrors. While cleaning the medicine cabinet mirror did you notice the finish is failing? Call Frank's Glass to cut a new mirror (it is way cheaper than buying a new medicine cabinet!) When wiping down the window screens did you notice a tear in one? Bring it in to Frank's Glass to have it re-screened. Did you drop the clock and break the glass while dusting? Bring it in...we can cut a new piece for you. Just count the ways we can help and give us a call at 513.829.8284!

Happy Spring!