Ooh Baby, It's Cold Out There!

Snow Storm

Brrr, with the coldest temperatures in years coming through with the most recent front, this article has some great tips on how to keep warm and brave the elements.  Whether it's taking care of your pet or your car, it is important to recognize the warning signs.  With your car, it helps it you warm it up for 5-10 minutes before driving.  If you have a chip in the windshield, blasting the defroster may result in that chip spreading to a larger crack due to the temperature differentials so have those chips repaired so you do not have to incur the cost of a new windshield.   Often times your tire pressure light will come on so just make sure the tire is filled with the proper air pressure.  Also, make sure your fluids are full and your battery is in good shape.

It is importanat to know that although your pet may have a furry coat, this does not protect them from these subzero temperatures.  They can get hypothermia, just like humans.  If your pet's water bowl is in the garage, make sure it is full and has not frozen.  Also, use plastic, not metal, as their tongue can become stuck to a metal bowl.  Salt used to melt ice and antifreeze can both be deadly to your pet.  Make sure you wipe their paws on when they come in from their walk to ensure there are no remnants of these products that they could lick.

So just hunker in, wear warm clothing and drink hot beverages (and dream of azure blue water and sand beaches!)