Interior Glass Doors Make a Huge Design Impact

Beautiful Interior French Doors

Incorporating interior glass doors in your home can help bring sunlight into rooms and can provide a solution to traffic flow issues.  This great article from provides 9 examples of how to give glass doors a more prominent role in your design.

  • Borrow light from outdoor spaces.  Brighten up your interior space naturally.
  • Keep a favorite feature visible.  Do you have a unique brick or stone wall in one of your rooms?  Enjoy it from multiple rooms with interior French doors.
  • Give your home office an interior view.  Make your office cheery so you don't mind working!
  • Pull a disappearing act with pocket doors.   Interior glass pocket doors visually divide rooms when needed but slide open when one large space is desired.
  • Hide in plain site with frosted glass doors.  Keep the clutter of a laundry room or pantry hidden by using obscure glass doors.
  • Flex it up with translucent pocket doors.  Provides privacy while still allowing light in.  Can open up spaces for larger entertaining area.
  • Open up a small house.  Visually opening up the space will make your home feel much larger than its square footage.
  • Use French doors to open up a dark entryway.  Open up your entryway and let in light by installing a glass door with a transom above.
  • Double your French door dose for better flow.  Will create the illusion of larger spaces in a home with small rooms.