Incorporating Stone Into Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom with Slate Tile & European Shower

There’s no other material quite like natural stone. No two pieces are exactly alike, and nothing else adds the same organic warmth and texture to a bathroom. Not to mention the longevity. If they’re well maintained, your stone surfaces can last a lifetime.

Not everyone wants a marble bath. Bring organic warmth to your bath counters, walls or floors with these hard-wearing alternatives.  This great article from provides some great design ideas for incorporating stone into you bathroom.

  • Soapstone.  Easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive
  • Limestone.  Porous so will require sealant.  Popular choice for it's uniform look and warm, neutral color
  • Travertine.  A type of limestone with natural markings in a range of warm, natural hues.  Deep pores are often filled with grout.
  • Belgian Bluestone.  Also a limestone but generally with a dark grey or black background.  Looks great with a contrasting grout.
  • Onyx.  A unique look with striations in a wide range of colors.  Has a translucent quality that designers like to accentuated by using above vanities and highlighting with special lighting. Stone is delicate and requires sealing.
  • Slate.  Slate can be installed in slabs or mosaic tiles to make a very unique design.  Slate is a popular bathroom floor option as it is a naturally slip-free material. 
  • Sandstone.  Created by layers of densely packed sand, the material has a wavy desert-landscape-like appearance and comes in a variety of colors.  Imperative that is be sealed 1-2 times per year.


With so many options it's hard to decide which material to use!  And remember, call Frank's Glass at 513.829.8284 for all your shower door/tub enclosure, mirror and glass shelving needs.  We can help make your bathroom that personal utopia you have always dreamed of!  For design ideas go to our Pinterest page at