Black, White and Gold Add Up to Bathroom Design Heaven

Sleek Black & Gold Bathroom

So you want all-out glamour, luxury and indulgence in your bathroom, but you don’t want it to look like the Palace of Versailles or the ladies’ powder room at Harrods? Getting the balance right without tipping over into kitsch can be tricky, but these bathroom designers got the monochrome-metallic combo right on the money.  The tips below can help you design the bathroom of your dreams. 

  • Keep it  in proportion.  Do not overdue the gold, use it in small accents or personal accessories.  Keep it simple!
  • Deliver it through details.  Select one item to highlight, such as a gold faucet or gold frame for the vanity mirror.
  • Take risks in the smallest rooms.  In small areas it can be fun to let your creative juices flow. 
  • Make a statement.  Select marble for one area of the countertop or install metallic tile on one wall.  Less is more...a little can make a big design impact!
  • Hold on to a vacation feel.  Furniture with ornate detailing or adding motifs can provide a luxury hotel appearance.
  • Be adventurous.  Add a bold accent color, possibly in a shower curtain or accessories.  Have fun decorating!
  • Use luxury materials.  Include an expensive tile backsplash or install some great curtain panels.  A wall of mirrors is also a great way to make a room appear larger and to add a real design impact.
  • Break up stripes.  When using a bold print make the rest of the design simple.  Select light fixtures, frames and accessories as a strong counterpoint.
  • Heat it up a bit.  Select a bright paint color for one wall or paint the ceiling a fun color.
  • Give it a twist.  If you don't like black, use dark purple or navy.

Go to to read the article and look at photos of some of their design ideas.  And remember, Frank's Glass can help you with selecting the right shower/tub enclosure, mirrors and glass housing.  Give us a call at 513.829.8284 to set up your appointment today.