A Stocking Stuffer That Could Save Your Life

December 6, 2022  |  auto glass, auto safety, safety tool, windshield
Safety Tool
Auto Glass Breaking Tool

This tool is a great stocking stuffer idea...and it could save the life of a loved one!!

Recently in the news there have been several stories about victims dying in their vehicle because it was submerged and they were unable to break the glass to escape. It is a sad reminder that lives can be lost in the blink of an eye. If only the car occupant or the first responder had the proper tool it may not have ended with the same results. The side windows and rear glass of most vehicles are tempered glass, which is a safety glass that breaks into small beads when broken. However, the tempered glass is strong and when a vehicle is submerged in water the pressure increases the difficulty of breaking this glass. There are small tools designed to break this glass in the case of an emergency and we strongly suggest everyone purchase one to keep in their glove compartment. Then in the event of an accident the tool can be retrieved to break out the glass and cut the seat belt so the occupant can escape the vehicle and swim to safety. These tools can be purchased through your local hardware store or online through Amazon. A small price to pay for the potential of saving a life!