Add Sparkle to Your Space With Glass

Sunroom with Glass Ceiling

Glass can turn a space from ho-hum to magical. This article form provides some great ideas on how to incorporate glass into your home design to add that special sparkle.

  • Install a glass ceiling in your sun room.
  • Replace a flat pane with a bay window, which reaches out to capture light and views from three angles. Give the exterior of your home added dimension, gain more light and dramatically increase your views.
  • Add a glass roof to a patio pergola to mitigate the heat while allowing users to enjoy the full benefits of a sunny day.
  • Create a glass wall with frosted glass around a patio to provide privacy and block the wind.
  • Enclose a walkway in glass to create a clear distinction between spaces and to make the "journey" more enjoyable.
  • Carve out a central courtyard within your home.  Such a treatment brings in light and nature, not to mention architectural interest and dimension.
  • Install skylights in an attic room with sloped ceilings to provide light and create the illusion of increased space.

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